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Test A: 1:1)Kevin said would be there until the following day.2)Emily said she could meet me there at 10 o'clock.3)Tanya said had bougth those earrings the day before.4)Mark said he was tired and was going home then.5)Paolo asked if had seen his mobile phone that morning.2:1)Sarah asked if she corrow those shoes.2)He asked me how tall I was.3)She asked me what I was talking about.4)She asked us if she could sit there.5)My dad asked if the milk was low-fait or full-fait.3:1)My friend offered to buy me another drink.2)I warned my friend not to eat the curry because it was too spicy.3)Allie suggested watching a DVD.4)The teacher invited the student to come into his office.5)The declared that the patient mus cut down on the amount of sugar in his diet.

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