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1. “Don´t speak to me like that!” he said to kim.

He told Kim not to speak to him like that

2. We arrived late. We didn´t get any tickets.

If we hadn´t arrived late, we would have get some tickets

3. She is an artist. Everyone has been talking about her.

She is the artist who everyone has been talking about

4.  I started playing the violin three years ago.

I have been playing the violin for three years

5. It´s certain that Gerald did it.

Gerald must have done it

6. –Write the question for the underlined answer

How old is the Earth thought to be?

The Earth is thought to be over 4 billion years old.

7. –Write the question for the underlined answer

Who have Chris and Ella been talking about?

Chris and Ella have been talking about Paul.

8. I didn´t open the door because I didn´t know it was you.

If I had known it was you, I would have opened the door

9. The film was so boring that we fell asleep.

It was such a boring film that we fell asleep

2. Must be, landing, landed, fell, had felt,

 was going to die, is expected, welcoming

10. I don´t know her address, so I can´t write to her.

If I knew her address, I could  write to her

11. I´m not as good at English as you are.

You are better at English that I´m

12. Your car is very dirty: you should wash it.

It´s time to wash your car

13. The house is too small. We can´t live there.

The house isn´t big enough to live there

14. I was carrying a bag so heavy that I had to ask for help.

It was such a heavy bag that I had to ask for help

15. You can´t have a bicycle.

You aren´t allowed to have a bicycle

16. I´m sorry we accepted the invitation.

I wish we hadn´t accepted the invitation

17. Will you post this letter for me, please?

Do you mind posting this letter for me?

18. They say this tree is over 400 years old.

This tree is said to be over 400 years old

1. To meet, the fact that he felt o feeling,

 will have her teeth checked, would he do...Were,

 won´t have finished, have your papers been approved

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