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ARTICLE.A PLACE WORTH VISITING.Australian rock; It is a series of enormous chunks os espectacular red rock right in the middle of the Australian desert, and It´s 200 metres taller than nearby Ayer´s Rock. So what is it?; It´s known as The Olgas, wich consist of 36 rounded peaks separated by deep valleys, while underground the rock extends to the astonishing depth of five kilometres. The area has been inhabited for 22,000 years and perhaps unsurprosongly, there are many legends associated with it, including the existence of a giant snake at the top of Mount Olga; My walk there took five hours, firs along a steep path through the hot, dry, apparently lifeless desert, and the up into the relative cool of the Valley of the Winds. There, in the partial shade, were pools of sparkling water, an unbelievable variety of vegetation and some truly amazing tropical birds. It was then a short, steep climb to the top, where the views were so stunning that i hardly noticed something large moving quietly through the bushes. It was only later, on my way down from Mount Olga, that I recalled the story of the snake.

REALITY SHOW ON A DESERT ISLAND. So why did I decide to live on a desert insland, although I missed some things? Well, the reason was that I had no money and the government was going to take my home. Therefore, not suprisingly, it ´s a good way of raising money; When i got to the desert Island, I felt observed by the cameras, but nobody helped me. You habe to survive with the resources you have. How would you feel if there are people around you, but really you´re alone? In this moment, I missed my guitar. I could ouch and forget where I was. Also, I missed the rice that makes my mother, it´s so good! Now, the best I could eat is a grilled fish; In my opinion, it was the worst experience II have ever had. On the desert island I felt humiliated, but thanks to that, I could keep my home and have enough money to live

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