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Present perfect simple: Sujeto + have/has + gone/talked I have talked Adjetivos -ed/-ing: -ed: acaba en -ado, -ido. -ing: va despues de ser. Present perfe cont: Suje+ have been talking Future simple: Suj+ will+ verbo normal. I will call you tonight. Future cont: Suj + will be+ verb ing: I will be talking. Defining Relative: sin coma, da info importante. That is the girl whose brother is in my clas. Non- definining: con comas, info prescindible. My boss, who is very nice, is always late. Past perf. Simp: Sujeto+ had + participio I had visited. Reported speech: Is: Was. Is living: was living. Went: had gone. Was working: she had been working. I have eaten: she have eaten. I have been studying: He had been studying. I had been: He had been. I had been dancing: She had been dancing Will: Would. Can: could. Must: Had to

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