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to stare- to look something for a long time                               

surgery- operation

to hide(amagarse)- to show

sick- ill

to faint- to fall on the floor

mushed-up- deformed

to whisper- to shout

a lamb to the slaughter- an innocent victim

creepy- scary


to shrug- to raise yout shoulders

to speak- to shut up

cheeks- galtes


bright- shinny

to sid down- to stand up

braid- trena

strong- weak

hug- abraçada

choise- option

empty- full

hole- an opening

beuty- beast

pleased- sad

ugly- pretty

empty- hollow

strange- unusual

cheese outcast- marginat

costume- disfressa

mummy- a preserved body

cosmos- universe

busy- free

celestial body- planet

scar- cicatriu

to torn on- to start

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