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Reading Part: 1) Clare Learned to play the piano when she was a child 2) Jim decided to organize a party and invite his friends 3) Sandra drives fast 4)I can't understand you. Please speak slowly 5) He worked hard and passed the exam 6) He loves to travel but he hasn't been to europe yet 7) I don't have any money b=you need to get a job!  8) This a beautiful car. Is it new? 9) Larry's planning to move to madrid. He has a job 10) There's a new movie on at the theater that I really want yo see 11) I was in paris last month B: Wow Did you go to the Eiffel Tower? 12) Have you seen this movie before?

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1 The Class went to a television studio 2 The studio was filming a talk show 3 The first guest was a scientist 4 The musician sold his album 5 The writer wrote a book called in the middle of the night 6 She asked the musician for and autograph

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