Sinartrosis skull

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FIBROUS:sutures:between 2 bones of the skull,gomphosis:fibrous joints that anchors a tooth to its socket in jaw,syndermosis:between 2 parallel articulating bone(radius/ulna).CARTILAGINOUS:symphyses:most common: joints joined together by tough cartilaginous pad,synchondroses:bones joined by hyaline cartilage, SYNOVIAL:plane:allow for limited gliding movements between bones.(2 cervical vertebral),pivot:allows rotation around the axis(tarsal/foot),hinge:convex articular surface fits into a concave articular surface(elbow),condyloid:one bone that fits into concave surface or another bone(radiocarpal/wrist),saddle:resembles condyloid joints but permit greater range of motion,ball and socket:round-like "ball" end fits into a concave "socket"of another bone(hip/shoulder).

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