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In reply to your letter of 1st June, I am writing on behalf of my client Ms Meyer in order to discuss several points about some accusations. On the one hand, all employees of this company take work home. Besides the company did not inform anyone that the employees could not take the documents at home. On the other hand, she was stopped by a security guard to inspect her briefcase. This is discrimination because she was the only person which briefcase was inspected and she was charged of takes the documents. In addition the suspension of salary is not appropriated, it should have taken a less disciplinary measure. In conclusion, the measures taken by the company are discriminatory because my client has been the only one sanctioned, while other employees of the company made the same. Having said that, I propose to arrange a meeting with you to discuss these terms above on 8th of october,19:00 at 32 Old Slip. 26th Mallorca.

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