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1_ What happened to "How to win friends and influence people" when it was published?

It was an overnight sensation, rapidly becoming a bestseller, fifteen million copies have been sold since its first publication.
2_ What happens if you pretend to be sincere?
If you only give the impression of being sincere, other people won't believe you and will think you are false.
3_ What is more important than knowledge?
If the most important is that you understand that the communication skills. There are a three most important pieces of advice: make people feel important, you did not should criticize other people and ask yourself why the other person would want to do what you are asking, and then use the answer to motive them.
4_ What do most self-help books encourage their readers to do?
The most self-help books encourage their readers to concentrate on always being positive
5_ How did the group of people feel after they'd written a list of positive things?
A group of people who wanted to feel more optimistic and positive about themselves actually felt worse after they had written a list of positive sentences. When they wrote a list of positive and negative things about themselves, they felt better.
In general, it is accepted that the government increases the school age at eighteen years to reduce unemployment, since it is a fairly frequent problem in recent years because employment is necessary in our lives because it provides us with the economy necessary to live and when there is no employment This economy is reduced causing poverty or absence of needs in our lives. However, in my opinion, I believe that it is not necessary to increase the school age up to the age of eighteen, since it is not a cause of unemployment in the country. Even if we increase school age, unemployment can occur equally if companies do not hire more people or people do not get their studies to have a good job and comply all their responsibilities.
In conclusion, I think it is a good idea for the government to want to reduce unemployment, but raising school age does not seem very favorable.

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