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GMDSS-world system of rescue and safety at sea, is composed of terrestrial network (coordination related centers, coastal, etc) - radar-beacon-responders boat stations space system (Inmarsat and COSPAS-SARSAT) - MMSI-number identification 9 of the station the first 3 digits indicate nationality, RDIOBALIZA-emitted and 121.5 Mhz-406Mhz VHF-going from 30 to 300 Mhz-Tues VHF range from 156 to 174 MHz-VHF distress, urgency and safety-Channel 6 - -156.300 Mhz ship and aircraft-channel 13-156.650 Security between ships in the bad place-channel 16 - 156.800 MHz traffic for distress, urgency and safety-channel 70-156.525 Mhz digital selective calling for distress alerts emergency safety and routine calls VHF-RANGE -40 miles from the coast-MF-max ranges from 300 to 3000Khz-MF ranges from 1605 to Tues-MF 4000Khz main - 2045Khz ship-to-shore distress call 2182Khz-2272Khz between ships-2187 , digital selective calling 5kHz - SCOPE MF -250 miles from the coast, COSPAS-SARSAT search-and rescue system consisting of satellites in polar orbit and geostationary-LEB-ship station license issued by DGMM, general direction of the merchant marine , for an indefinite period under 24-meters-IINSTALACION need 8CAPITANIA9 Maritime Administration authorization and must be registered

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