Smooth endoplasmic reticulum structure

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1.B2. ribosomal RNA and combine it with proteins c-mitochondria:break down nutrients of the cell to make energy. D-smooth endoplasmic reticulum: make lipids, steroids and reproductive hormones. E-rough endoplasmic reticulum:responsible for the assembly of many proteins. f-golgi body:collects and sorts molecules ready for transport to parts of the cells or secretion g-ribosomes:cell structure that makes protein.2aii) a1-4 glycosidic bond. B)glycogen:aglucose/branched/e.Storage;

cellulose:bglucose/unbrannched/provides protection to plant cells.8.Glycerol,ester bond,fattyacid i)A phospholipid is composed of a phosphate head group and two fatty acid tails. A triglyceride is composed of three glycerol head groups and three fatty acid tails.Ii)the hydrophilic heads(phosphate,polar) lie in the watery solutions on the outside and the hydrophobic tails(fattty acids)form a layer of impermeable to hydrophilic substances.Fig) 60000um/no nucleus,no membrane,no mitochondria.

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