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the 3 p's ss: power, prestige, property. 

Sociologists: Davis: social class=standing in society. Tumin:society not rewarding to all. Mosca:society must be organized. Marx:end justifies the means. Lenski:Rewards those who take risks. Three Theories of SS: Modernization: use modern tech. Dependency: poor countries need help from rich. World system: poor, periphery, non periphery. 6 social class: upper elite: 1% Upper middle: 15% Middle: 34% Working: 30% Working Poor: 16% Underclass: 4%. Wealth Probs: top 1% is making the most $$$, bottom 20% owe more than they own. Terms: Scapegoats: blame everything on a group. Pluralism: a group that is different but participates in society. Assimilation: minority group is absorbed into mainstream culture.Population %: White:62% Latino:18% Black:12% Social Security: pension: money paid to retired workers. Worked 40 quarters. Disability: proved disability unable to work sent 70% what they make. SSI: money paid to people not qualified for disability. ADC: paid to mothers who are deprived of father support. Medicare: government run health care 65 and older. Part A: Hospitals, Nursing homes. Part B: doctors visits, medical service Part D: prescription drugs. 

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