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4.3The current problems facing indust. Sect: Rising unemployement, small or medium sized companies and insufficient invetment in r&d. Solutions: generation of an entrepenurial spirit among the popu, businnes associations, improvement of professional training and protection. 5The 3 sector. Transport and commerce. 5.1Commerce -Predominant domestic ommerce, small establishments. - It suffers from growing compet. From large scale, revitalise this type of commerce, innovate measures, trade associations. -Foreign commerces increases all over the world. -They regard to exports, food products. Imports energy production. 5.2Transport: -Land: road and rail. -Sea: transport heavy merchandise and passengers. -Air transport. 6.The 3 sector. Tourism 6.1Factors increasing tourism: Spai, France and USA are the main global centres for tourism. There are favourable factors that influenced tourism in Spain. Include: natural conditions, hot summers, artistic and gastronomic offer, political stability. 6.2Types of tourism: -More usual one is beach holidays. Other types environmental, rural and business. Demand toruism is above all European and focused in the summer north. 6.3Consequences and perspectives: -Positive: wealt and employement creation, generation of economic activity and transport infrastructure. -Negative: seasonal employement, rising prices, environmental damage. -Future of the sectors: Involvement in Spain companie in the organisation of travel, acommodation and activities; higher level of tourism that provids greater quality a wide range of activities; sustainable tourism.

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