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6COMMERCIAL ACT. 6.1 trade and its elements: trade: is the sale and purchase of merchandise and services betwwen cons. And pro. For obtaining money. Supply and demand. The sellers and the cons. Merchandise: the things traded for payment. Market: place.

6.2 The development of trade: Trade in the past: low levels of good manufacture, limited purchasing powers and transport difficulties.  There was a local trade in basic products and an international trade expensive for wealthy. Industrial era: production increased, transport developed and trade increase. Trade today: 1980 commercial revolution. Supply has been diversified new forms of sale. Customer demand increase. New technologies. A major increase in trade.
7DOMESTIC TRADE. 7.1TYPES. Is trade between a country border. Wholesale trader: buys large quantities of merchandise directly fom manufactured and then sells.  Retail market: sells directly to cons.There are diferences between trad. Busi. Municipal markets samll scale. Lrge retail stores. Supermarkets, large scale and variety of products. 7.2RETAIL SPACES: cities are where the highest numbe of retail spaces are found. URBAN CENTR:site for trad. Trade, small shops these are modernised.
URBAN PERIPHERY:site for large retail stores. Add value and encourages tertiay sector act. 
Rural areas: shps are in the ground floor houses, trad. Establishments
8FOREIGN TRADE. 8.1THE ORG OF FOREIGN TRADE. Today there is a high volume, due to the globalisation of the economy. There are international org. World trade organisation.

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