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U8. 3The secondary sector. 3.1Raw materials and energy sources:-Mineral raw materials are in short supply in Europe and they have to be imported. They have declined in importance. Other minerals have been exhausted.There is a lack of minerals that are essential for new technologies. Energy sources: are also in short supply and they have to be imported. 3.2The industrial sectors:Trad. Sectors:textile,iron and steel and ship building are in decline. Causes are: the technology gap, fall in demand, competition from cheaper above richer. Dynamic sectors :food, chemical, vehicle,electricity,high tech sectors. 3.3Industrial regios:Europes main industrial regions are located in the diagonal axis that links north italy and south U.K Also a Mediterranean arc, north italy to the east of the iberian peninsula and eastern axis. 2 areas:Ports:where industries linked to marine act. Cities:where the workforce and consumer market. 3.4European indust. Act:Greater investment, greater environmental care. 4Tertiary sector 4.1Trade:Is the worlds leading power. In the EU which constitutes a customs union, the exhange are between is members as free movement. Outside of the EU exchanges with USA and Asia. 4.2 Transport: is one of the most modern and efficient. Consists of motorways, high-speed rail,sea ports,waterways and airports. 4.3Tourism:Europe is the major point of origin due to the high standard of living, also because of its good transport, its natural envionments and its cultural wealth. Forms of tourism:beach holidays,rural and visits to nature. The EU tourism policy try to developed new forms of tourism and improve tourism info. And safety.

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