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  • Private property accepted

  • Bourgeoisie controls economy and political power

  • Economic freedom regulated by market

  • Class-based society

  • Individualism based on guaranteed private property


  • Parliamentary system with powerful state

  • Classless society

  • Economy led by the state


  • Classless society

  • Economy and means of production controlled by the state

  • Transition based on the revolution

  • No private ownership

  • Proletarians control political power


  • Disappearance of state and political parties

  • Rejection of all types of authority

  • No private ownership

  • No property

  • Self-managed free associations without obligations

  • Causes:

  • Demographic increase.

  • New technology

  • New agricultural techniques.

  • Creation of factories.


  • Growth of the cities.

  • Rapid economic development.

  • New division of labour.

  • Birth of the industrial working class.

  • Disappearance of the urban artisans.

  • More differences between countries.

  • Disappearance of the domestic system.

  • Creation of factories.

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