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ANARCHISM:a doctrine based on the defence of individual freedom,social solidarity,collective ownership and the rejection of all authority

CAPITALISM:as economic system in which the means  of production(factories,machineries,stock of good..)are predominantly privately owned.
ECONOMIC LIBERALISM:an economic doctrine based on private ownership
ENCLOSURE ACTS:British laws which enclosed open fields and common land and created legal property rights
FACTORY SYSTEM:a method of manufacturin that uses machinery and the division of labour for the production od goods,usually on one site
FIRST INTERNATIONAL:an international association of trade unions and socialist,communist and anarchist political groups founded in 1864
INDIANAS:printed cottom fabric originally from India
INDUSTRALISATION:the process of developing industries
LAW OF SUPPLY AND DEMAND:an economic model for determing the price of something
LUDDITIES:19 century Eglish textile workers who protested agains industralisation

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