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7. Charity work --> appeal, campaign, campaigner, charity, donate, donation, donor, fundraising activity, raise awarensess of, raise funds/money, sponsor, sponsorship, take part, volunteer.
Compound nouns --> animal charity, beach clean-up, birthday card, cancer research, community service, computer game, death penalty, endangered species, English teacher, high school senior, homeless peope, ice-cream flavour, inner-city school, social change, social issue, social media, sponsored walk, sports star, terrorist attack, union member, volunteer project, washing machine, worthy cause.
Issues&action --> activist, animal rights, attend a rally, banner, demonstrator, education cuts, gender equiality, go on a march, health cuts, human rights, march, petition, protest, protester, racial equiality, rally, sign a petition, slogan, part in a sit-in, women's rights, workers' rights

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