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2)The territorial expansion:-1492:the conquest of Granada and Columbus discovers America. -1493:Aragon added Roselló and Cerdanya.-1499:Castilla occupied Canary Islands.-1512:Annexation of Navarra.
3)The government:-the reforms of the government quaranteed the resources for final completion of the reconquest in 1492.-The political ideal was a preeminent monarchy, superior in authority to all other institutions.-There are three objectives:1)Asert royal sovereighty.2)Put aristocracy in its place.3)Restore public order.How?-Formation of sta. Hermandad, -the army is modernized and permanent, -Castilla Royal council reorganized, - Royal Audiencia and regional Audiencias, -Treasury(to collect more taxes), -Royal agents:corregidores, etc.4)Religious affairs:-Inquisition:To maintain orthodoxy and unity among the catholi subjects of the crown.-Jews/muslims:To persecute the jews converted to Christianity.

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