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1.Why was India so important to British?Because major of India market products an important supplier of raw materials.


-Imperialism: politics and economy were structured around the Domination.

-Holding: Financial group that invest capital.

-Protectorate: Territory that following european occupation.

-Colony: Territory where the metropole exercised a policy of Occupation.

-Trust. Company merger in the same field that creates a single company.


-Explotation colony/settler colony: Colony territory where Europeans obtained raw materials/ Territory where european emigrate.

-Livingstone/Brazza: Britanic explorer/ French explorer.

-Opium wars/the boer wars: Open up to trade colonial powers/ Who had inhabited southern Africa.

-Cartel/metropole: Association of companies that control Pieces and prodruction/ Country that had colonies.

4.What cause the European population to increase? To seek new Areas to investment and business.

5.Where ddid most European emigrants move to between 1800-1914? South Africa Union, Antilles, Argentina, Brazil, United States, Canada,Siberia, China, Australia, India, New Zeland.

6.What effect did the new borders and infrastructure have on Indigenous people? Large gold deposits were found in the Boer-controlled Territories and the british invaded them.

7.What effect did the spread of education have on the Colonies? The social structures changed, the new working patterns disrupted Tribal life and the old system of social hierarchies.

8.What were the economic consequences of colonialism? Plantation to grow products, market economy and products of traditional crafts.

9.Why was teh second industrial revolution? What new energy Sources appeared? A new industrial revolution that took place in the 19th Century. New energy: electricity and oil. New industries: chemical, aluminium Automitive. New appliances and tools light bulb, radio, telephone. New way of Organising production: Taylorism. Industrial concentration methods: cartel, Trust. Development transport: holding, railways, swez and panama canals.

10.What was Taylorism? Frederick taylor, a scientific who Invented revolutionised production methods.


-television, radio

-in the studio, in plain air

-abstraction, expressivity

-brick, steel

-Maria christina supported the republicans

-The first railway... Barcelona and Tarragona, Barcelona and Mataro

-Goya's... Very dark, light 


-Australia: Inglaterra




-Congo: Belgica


-Angola: Portugues

-Cameroon: Aleman

-Afghanistan: independiente

-Libia: Italia

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