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What was the position of Franco in the 2WW? Were they involved in the conflict anyway? Franco avoided war. He was ambitious and wanted to gain an empire from his participation in war, however Spain was not ready to face such a challenge. Mussolini's unexpected disaster entering the war causes trouble to Hitler and Germany had to commit enormous resources to a rescue operation. And Spain was economically and militarily shuttered by the Civil War.
Later on he wanted to be acceted in the UN, but his request was rejected because the General Assembly knew that Franco had been working for the Axis and fascist powers and he was a brutal dictator. He helped Hitler by sending troops of soldiers and weapons to the Germans.
Causes of the 2WW ?. In 1936 Hitler took his first big risk by moving troops into the Rhineland area of Germany. The demilitarisation of the Rhineland was one of the the terms of the Treaty of Versailles. UK and France let him get away with it because they wanted Germany to recover and be a superpower. Then in 1938 Hitler sent his troops into Austria and united Germany with Austria. The next step forward for Hitler was Czechoslovakia, he explained that this was the last territorial claim he had to make in Europe. The Munich Agreement was signed on September 29th, giving Hitler what he wanted. Nazis tried to do the same in Poland but this time the Second World War started.
Causes and consequences of the Battle of Britain . Hitler tried to destroy British moral by force. However, Germans lacked a fleet capable to match the Royal Navy and the chosen option was a massive campaign of air raids and saturation bombing on cities. The Battle of Britain was not a single battle, it lasted through the  summer of 1940. Waves of German bombers escorted by fighter aircraft would attack targets in Britain. The Battle of Britain started out of Hitler's thought that Britain could be forced to the negotiation table after it was given the balance of power in Europe, but it was clear that Britain wouldn't do that.
The Allied Bombing Campaign againt Germany ?
 The bombing had the aim of destroying the German ability to produce weapons and other products. Many cities were bombed targeting the civilian population which was not justified 

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