Socratic ethics, intellectual virtues

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ethics of Socrates, Greek philosopher Socrates was a 5th century BC was a contemporary of sofistas.socrates wrote nothing, was engaged in the practice of dialogue and we know what he had for his disciples. theories - (1) says absolute character of goodness and moral values against the Sophists who held the opposite. (2) moral intellectualism, is a philosophical position that identifies the knowledge, virtue and identifies his opponents

intellectual virtues or dianoeteticas: - are the ways to attain the truth of the man himself dianoeteticas there are five virtues: (1) Art (2) wisdom: Aristotle defines wisdom as a way of being that enables us to correctly deliverer about good and evil to achieve a feliz.para life possess any virtue ethics requires caution. (3) science (4) Intellect (5) saviduria.

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