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We live in a society that is obsessed with food. It seems like every Other commercial I see on TV has something to do with snacks or desserts. Most hamburger From Wendy's or the fastest way to cook flavored rice out of a box (less than a Minute!), it is impossible to escape our nation's preoccupation with food.

Coca-Cola, one of the most popular soft drinks of all time, literally Has the power to clean toilets with its abrasive components; yet, it is readily Available for consumption at almost any fast food establishment. That we could Go to any McDonald's in the world and get the same exact sandwich with the same Exact taste should be, not tantalizing.

For Americans, rushing to get dinner on The table between work, soccer, ballet class and bedtime, time is often the Missing ingredient, and it leads many people to rely on take-out, fast food and Easy-to-fix. Convenience food items and fast food restaurants provide a quick meal For people constantly on the go. A November 2010 Consumer Reports National Research Center report noted that many Americans think they eat healthier than They do, with dietary intakes of refined sugars and saturated fats higher than Most realize. But most Americans still eat at home.

I think we live in a society that is a little too wrapped up in the idea Of "bigger, better and faster." It shouldn't be OK that we eat fruit And vegetables that have been injected with chemicals to keep them looking Fresh, or that it's cheaper to buy candy and snacks than it is to buy asparagus Or carrots or anything remotely green and leafy looking. If we all just put a little Effort into educating ourselves and buying food responsibly, eventually we'll Change the way his nation dines.

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