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unit 12.VOCABULARY-1. Scripting languages interpreted.
2. Get out Stuff. 3. Browser encoded docs.
4. Programming model dataflow 5. Architecture underlyig
6. Retrieve shift key. 7. Relieves infrstructure 8. Message

board online discussion. 9. Responsive web design.
viewed response 10. Spreadsheet financial planning

1.‐a.‐The program will prompt you with a message if

you try to exit the set‐up program. B.‐If the system

detects installed devices, the driver’s menu will show the

available device drivers.C.‐You can change the value of a

field if the item is configurable.D.‐If any of the componts

 are defective, the problem will usually show up in the

burn‐in process.E.‐If this utility finds there is missing

software, it lists the missing software and helps you
download what is needed.F.‐ If the printer is out of

paper, reload paper into the sheet feeder.G.‐ If you had

followed the installing instructions, you wouldn´t have

had any problem. H.‐ If we had a new switch, we could

connect those three computers too.2.‐ a.‐ Clean the

print head if print quality problems are found. B.‐ If you

overload the server, fewer transactions will be procssed.

a.‐ Not only is she a good programming engineer but

she is also a talented web designer. B.‐Had I realized he

wasn´t working, I would have fired him four months ago
c.‐ Nor do I. D.‐ On no account will I delete that file.
e.‐ Not only did she forget her password, but she also

forgot her security access code. F.‐ Never before had I

had an interview. G.‐Should your store receipt indicate

that the product is less than 30 days old, you can return
the product to your dealer for replacement. 1. It’s

WordPress. 2. Joomla has a lot of plug‐ins and themes

 available to choose from similar to both WordPress and

Drupal. 3. No, you can’t make a ton of structural website

 changes without the help of a designer and/or develper,

 because it locks down the ability fr most usrs to make

significant visual edits. 4. Joomla also makes setting up

an online store quick and painless. 5. Drupal pages have

faster response times than those made with WordPress

or Joomla. 6. No, most non‐tech people should be able

to run a gret Joomla site withot needg any techl supprt.
7. Drupal is the most technclly advancd of these three

content managmnt systms. 8. It’s Joomla. 9. You need

purchase ur own domain and hosting. 10. It’s WordPress

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