Soil Compaction

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SOIL COMPACTION - settlement: lower soil vertical movement of the weight of filler product - subsidence: the vertical motion of the landfill due to its own weight or pRodillo of static compaction pressure neumáticosor - static or smooth roller compaction by kneading - ROLLER EMPHASIZE Compaction by impact - Vibrating Compaction rammer - plate or vibratory plate compactor roller Roller Vibratory Tampers Joint: Your name is because it has a smooth side and one cohesive soils tires (test proctor) Granular Soils (relative density test) Mortar and Concrete Transport In Work derrick cranes. , Capacho. Canoas. Trucks. Truck mixer Volumetric capacity of 7m ³ Drum manufactured from sheet steel of 4.75 mm sheet steel SAE 1045 water tank of 800 liters, or 1 ¼ Flow manual drum tilt of 13 °, helical mixing paddle of 4.75 mm, support rollers Dual 170 mm projection Projected concrete pumps vary according to size Vibro compaction vibratory truss pavement lifting and transport cranes: One of the main machines we use to large construction cranes Types of Auto Crane Its cargo capacity varies according to size and going from 8 to 100 tons Crane Motada on rails or wheels on each foot, electric motor driven by a high bridge crane structure formed by one or more power metal beams from 5 to 12 tons and a span of 10 meters or Luffing Crane Trasteiner Structure-based steel frames mounted on tires with 4, 8 or 16 wheels or on rails has its own power generatorTower crane or Derricks;: Lifting able to distribute loads through a hook suspended from a carriage moves along the entire plume is composed of: Head with detachable arms Baseco Steel Tower Example: 6x7 +1 AT - 6 cords - 7 wires by cords - 1 core textile This simple nomenclature is extremely practical and is internationally standardized for conventional cables. e stacionaria or Fixed: This type of crane as the name implies is fully fixed at its base does not have any means of travel. movable crane: Unlike stationary cranes, that if it has at its base elements that enable the movement on rails or other means. pulldown auto crane: A crane that is mounted on itself allowing its folding and subsequent displacement. Crane Fork has a counterweight at the back that lets you load up to 10 tons can operate on gasoline or Electric Forklifts can reach speeds of up to 25 m / min The winches perform the functions of the old cranes with greater precision lifting evolving architectural structures vertical conveyor Worm Indicated for transporting any type of material such as sand , mud and even concrete The bucket elevator is a bucket that can take different forms and dimensions, built in steel or aluminum and plastic materials in modern compaction
Classification of compacting machines. - For static pressure. Tampers Smooth Roll classic. Compactors highlight reels with pneumatic wheels. 2 .- On the impact. Freefall Rammers Plates Explosion 3 .- By vibration: vibrating plate vibrating Name: Rammer vibrating compactor Trays: - Truck Mixer The mixer truck is a truck equipped with a mixer. Because of this provision, it is possible to transport ready-mixed concrete while proceeds to kneading. It is the safest method and used to transport concrete over long distances and is less vulnerable in case of a delay in Rock Excavation COMPRESSORS: These are devices used to implement an increase in gas pressure. (Compressed Air) Fluid passing through the compressor: gas pure superheated steam gas mixture saturated steam TYPES OF DYNAMIC COMPRESSORS: Centrifugal, Axial, ejector POSITIVE DISPLACEMENT:Rotary screw, vane lobes, Alternative, Piston, Diaphragm METHODS FOR DRILLING ROTOPERCUTIVA rock drilling, rotary drilling ACCORDING TO TYPE OF MACHINERY Manual Drilling, Drilling Mechanized BY TYPE OF WORK Drilling of bank. , Drilling Progress. , Drilling, Production, Drilling Chimneys. . Drilling coating. , Sustaining Drilling DRILL RIGS: DRILLING MANUAL, PNEUMATIC DRILLS, DRILLS DRILLING MECHANICAL General Types: Bar Integrales (chisel-type, multiple inserts, buttons) Trichonida Drills, Bits compact (PDC) drill bits with tungsten inserts, diamond drill bits natural Chipmaster OVERVIEW EXPLOSIVE Explosives are chemical compounds or mixtures, temperatures can rise to 4500 ° C and pressure bar may exceed 250,000. storage is governed by Act No. 17,798 of the Ministry of Defense and the Mine Safety Act 72. National Mobilization Directorate under the Ministry of Defense. Tinderbox of surface types: Underground, Buried, Mobile Blasting explosive armed, installation in the draft guide burning, explosion

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