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trust:was a legal instrument used to contralize power in large american corporations, and allor for one corporation to consolidate power aver all of its holdings..Cartel: they involve agreements between a large group of companies.Shareolders: invest their own money in the company for a share of the profits.. Marxism: conflict theory-equal society-opposite=capitalism-private ownership-factory owners-explait the poor, working classes-the industrial revolution prometed a capitalism was of thinking-capitalism created two clases:proletariat and burgueoise-conflict oppresion-Marx thought-education;personal development-comunism:creation of a society where all are equal and all thimgs are owned in common..Holding company:is  one that enough shares of a company to control its policies,but doesnt oversee the daily operations of the company..WWI trench:life in trenches difficult, muddy,rats-a lot of dicease-several lines of trenches-french and britishtrenche: unsat,wet,muddy, filled with decease-soldiers were bared, unmotivated and scored...Causes of the wwi: rivalry between empires austria-hungary turkey-russials  -  nationalist aspirations to became independent states-balkans was the center of tensions:turkish empire ruled, serbia was nationalist,serbia was allied with russia and against austria-hungary...The outbreak of wwi:serbia nationalist organization killed the heir to the austro-hungarian empire in sarajevo-serbia was supported by russia against austria-hungary...Loans:prestamos...Widespread:extendirse...Wages:salarios...Causes of the second ww:expansionist policy in germany-nationalist against victors of wwi-alliances of expansionist countries-democratic countries didnt stop the problems.

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