Soulvet Union who built Berlin Wall Kruschen

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Nikita Khrushchev was elected first secretary of CPSU after Stalin died 1953 The Hungarian Revolution Nikita made reform that affected all Soviet Bloc. Hungary people 1956 took streets demanding freedom. It became a revolution when the army joined them. It end when Soviet tanks entered the capital. Suez Crisis1956 Gamal Nasser nationalized Suez Canal that was controlled by British-french company Israel and B F send troops to recovered the Canal. UN forced to withdraw. Berlin wall Because of the difference between the two side of Berlin, people went from east to the west part 1961 Soviet built the wall until 1989 Cuban Missile crisis. 1962 Usa deployed nuclear missiles in Turkey, in response USSR placed nuclear missiles in Cuba JFK ordered a naval blockade and threatened cuba. Tension rise up when USSR send ships. But it end with the retreated of the ships an the replacement of the missile from CUba USA from turkey

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