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Charles I ruled 1516-1559. Revolt comuneros 1520-21 Revolt brotherhoods 1521-23 France 1525-44 Turkey 1529-41 German princes peace of augsburg 1555 Philip II ruled 1556 madrid capital 1561 he used advisory councils, not cortes. Corregidors-royal officials. Inquisition persecuted non catholics. Morisco revolt 1568-71 French batt san quentin 1557 Turks batt lepanto 1571 England spa armada Flanders tercios but losed. Philip annexed portugal. Philip III favourites (duke of lerma) Expuls moris 1609 Philip IV favourite (countduke olivares) 30 ye war 1618 peace of westphalia 1648  treaty pyrenees 1659 Charles II crisis kings corruption war of the spanish succession ended with dead 1700 french won  17 c. Castile decreased but aragon got more shops.

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