Spanish economy 18th century

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Black Legend

Texts and paintings aimed to discredit the Spanish Monarchy. 

It spread the belief that Spain was fanatical and Ignorant. 

Against Spanish imperialism and Catholicism. 


XVI – XVII (Rocroi,1643)

Large army of professional mercenary soldiers.

The ‘tercio’ was an infantry that marched in a closed Formation and consisted of various types of soldiers who went into battle Alternately.

Pike men (who attacked the cavalry charges with pikes) Harquebusiers (who fired guns from close range) Musketeers (who fired from medium range). 100m

They travelled along a route known as the Spanish Road.

Saco de Roma, 1527. Clemente VII. Saco de Amberes, 1576.

Economy and society S.XVI

Boom of Seville

Monopolized trade with America

Finance of Warfare-Meaning that the majority of this wealth Ended up outside the Iberian Peninsula.

Population became poorer-The silver and gold to buy luxury Products, but did not invest in


Inflation in prices- Economic crisis (wool and agriculture)

Increasing Taxes-Peasants and the bourgeoisie

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