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1.The progressiveness. Mndials Among ls2guerras is producn in Europe movimients drevolucion various artistic aesthetic ytransgresion: ls mov current vanguardistas.La most important avant-garde in France sl surrealismo.Surg Don André Breton published Surrealism Manifesto movimiento.El dl dla looking beyond reality + ydla logica.En ls scritors surrealist poetry puedn use tcnico scritura dla automatica.De thus pretnfn qaflore the free Xpresion mediant1autentica surrealism dlnguaje. * vanguardiastas Movements "Futurism: advocated breaking with the themes of past and celebrate the art, sport ... "Dadaism: their ideas and their way advocated surrealism fantasy, irrationality, rejection of logic ..." Creationism: seeks to create reality within the poema.-Ultraism: partly reflects the influence and futuristic dadaísta.-Caligramas : When the poet tries to paint things dls .* Common features avant-garde: "It was loq Ortega y Gasset called dehumanization art dl, dl pasions dsprecio xls etrnas death life love man ..- dla Evasion actually produces sta nla poetry nse-It dlado leaves the tma, narrative, anecdote and any didactic intent or moral logics are destroyed relacions mong ls ls-Ls things fundamntals dl instrumnts poet will be the word andthe fantasy unlimited, s important associative capacity, sound suggestion .. + qsu own meaning "The metaphor pro sl ideal DSTA creando1imagn new poetry-nse da1cntnido Cmo coherent, cnvert n1art unpopular taste d yelitista.seria art art .* xl dla Serna Ramon Gomez. Is dls vanguards spañols pioneer, gifted stuvo tda d1xtraordinaria creativity ydedico original d1forma ascribe life einnovadora.Gregueria: cmo1metafora alaqsele defines the added humor, sn cn apunts brevs Insolitas ant1realidad cmpleja metaphors, the author sees things cnla ls ls qve d1niño things look x1vez.Son poe + d cncentrads full of variety: filosofics.lirics, 2.La generation games dl .. 27 .* dl27 poetic group. Cn º del3 reason cntenario celebration dla dla dluis dgongora muert reunio1grupo dpoetas is later to be known q + cmo gneracion dl27.Ls1 º ndarse to cnocr fuern: Pedro Salinas, Jorg GuillenyGerardo Diego, q ncontacto cnla tate had dJuan Ramon Jimenez pure poetry. + later expanded the group cn yFederico Garcia Rafael Alberti Lorca.Posteriorment is unenLuis Cernuda, Damaso Alonso, Vicente Aleixandre, Manuel altolaguirreyEmilio Prads.Entre they were fuerts relacions d literary friendship, collaborated nls same magazines ycnviviern nla poets acptarn his dstudiants.Sts Residência prtenencia a1movq cmpartia CMUN stetics interests .* Lines dla poeseia dl27. del27sietn poets Ls predilection dvanguardia xls stetics pro mov noniegan or rexazan previous literature measuring path lines Trad .- popular and well-educated: for + ymotivs temàtics inherit dla own popular lyric (Romacero and traditional songs) ydla cultured (Garcilaso, Quevedo) dl + pure flavor ditty popular romancs, sonets, quatrains, deci + sn asonantads alguns ycuartets form + metrics + dls utilizads.Motivos tematicos; the river fugacity dla dla cmo Imagna life, rose, dlabelleza eternal life, sleep .. cmo-Ren ovation: nalguns poe + ls Desaparecn measures YLS acents breaks fixed pace cnsigue dls versos.El thr dideas repetition metric andthe use innovative structures cmo paralelisticas.Formas free verse, verse, verse blanco.el calligram, the avant-garde collage .. The Innovacions cnsigo tb bring relacionads Col. nuevs asunts tematcs modern MNDO: cinema, sport .. * Style: In sts autors dnumerosos use is common literary devices, metaphor dstacan express ylaimagn visionary qpretendn transmitir.Efectuan tdo that one game cmplejo resources hinder poetico.Stos dl cmprension ns nfrentams ael text if the logic, poetic attempt crear1lngua DUSO xclusivamnt.* Tematica. "Love, characteristics typical traditional poetry dla ydls Innovacions vanguardistas.Se wing cncib cmo1fuerza Qbd life meaning, just dl cnla loneliness intimas.El nfrentamiento Sh.-mong Inquietuds wishes dl sh ls andthe surrounding reality QLE provoca1serie dincognitas on dstino Death wishful thinking ls-sh dl dislocated sense tragico.La cnsu adverse dstino cnduc you a1sntido tragic life-Preocupacions dla dla sociales.Lahuella civil war spañola ydla2 patent No. GM Qbd n1serie dcmposicions qtratan over injustice, destruction Xpresa their Anhels ylamiseria.Ls dpaz poets and justice Evolution cnjunta generation .* dla 1927.Tanteos inicials dl27.-Up, transition cn breaking through modernism, poetry teaching pure obsession djuan ramon xla metaphor, seeking formal perfection nls clasics, YSU seducn their wit metaphors dslumbrants hours Dunira wing lo + dispar .- De1927 wing war fatigue ydl dl Stetic pure formalism, surrealism pasana1 second term sntimients ls humans, social unrest ypolitica politicization incremntada hasa1936 .- The war and exile: two silent war and actitids nla Politix, tds sn republicans xcepto Gerardo Diego, low aunq dla quality poetry is human + ydramatica, dispersion dl Lorca is dead exile group: issues cmol dperder anguish of war, and GDiego DAlonso stay n VAlexaindre span, after the war .* Authors dcada1 prsonale evolution. LUIS CERNUDA.S us verses are loving feeling of sadness. Show a dissent in an era full of injustice and social prejudices. Wrote: Eclogue, elegy and ode classical poetry. Forbidden Pleasures: surreal air. Where Oblivion Dwells: intimately painful. Desolation of the Chimera: bitterness and memories. All his poetry is collected under the title of reality and desire. PEDRO SALINAS. Poetry reflective laden deep feelings and emotions. He wrote: Sure random: avant-garde influence.'s Voice properly and why you love: conceptual load. All clear: concerned about a world that feels like the poet will dehumanizing. JORGE GUILLEN. Caracteistico d1poesia Poet + pure nella eintlectual the author cndensa their sntimients ANDTHEIR snsacions apartir dsuxperiencia ydsu pnsamiento.obras: Cantico, joyful poem author yllen dvitalismo nlql Xpresa yxla his life ntusiasmo xla d1mndo prfcto harmony.

Clamor, subtitled d story time. Homenaje, aunq no exempt sta d momnts recovers elegiacs optimistic tone + dcantico. VICNTE ALEIXANDRE. Damplio trail poetry Poet cn. Surrealist Stage: Destruction or Love: Romantic and great strength of paradise expresiva.Sombra : Imagine a paradise found with their children, without pain or death. Phase Two: History of heart, vision and love of man more calm and optimistic. Latest works: Poems of the consummation of knowledge and dialogue: it creates a more reflective poetry to Surrealism through dialogues or compositions are successive monologues intensive conceptual and lyrics. Gerardo Diego. Cultivates an avant-garde poetry in the line of creationism and a poetry more established in the traditional and classical lyric. Poetry edge "image." There is wit, imagination and play. It achieves an experimental and innovative poetry that seeks verbal beauty. A traditional poem "ballad of the Bride", the author uses the romance, the tenth or the sonnet to express different feelings of the human soul, using both the metaphor. RAFAEL ALBERTI. vena popular or classical, avant-garde poetry and surrealism are part dla wide lirica d Alberti. Marinero en tierra. Verses cn work through some background light dtristeza. Cal y canto, classical verse play dcort Gongoristic plagads dimagens. 1dls mejors About ls angels poetry works dla cmbativa. Among the carnation andthe spada live far yretornos dlo. Prtencn wing and poetry nl scrit exile nlaqes frequent evocation d ynostalgia tone. LORCA. d1poesia xcepcional.-creator librs Primers: librs DPoE + djuvntud nlaq work shows the influence modernista.cancions en1libro formed x1seri dbreves poe + dgran simplicity formal.-Poems on Andalucia tragic qtratan . The poem cannot dl flamenco shows the root the ground dsgarro dla yel andaluza.Romancero gypsy tears recreates the MNDO dls gitans.-Poesia surrealista.Poeta in New York, work inspired author nl nls sntimients qproduc rges city life. 3.La narrative spañola from años60 dls pstguerra until finals. * dlls Decade 40. spañola novel restart your way aparec1novela dcaracter very arcane traditional narrative patterns dl als decimonomico realism, the work podriams ncuadrar Agusti dignacio juan antonio d d sts zunzunegui.En years will to dstacar3exs: Appearance dla dPascual Duart family of publication dla Cela.La dl1 second prize winning play Nadal Swim publication carmen Laforet.La Delibs dls pimer dMiguel works and Gonzalo Torrent Ballestra .- Autores.CELA: d1dnsa author yyvariada dsi = nlaq cabn literary novels narracionscortas ylobrs dviaje.caracteriza your search cnstant mods dnuevs d narrativsynew forms expresión.Cn his first novel family Pasacual d cmo1autr solido.obra Duart dstaca already qualified d tremndista well diferents xla en1951publica The critica.Tras2obras autre sta novel opens the way to cn social.Mrs realism Caldwell speaks her son crazy dive nla d1mujer qdirig1cartas asu son muerto.Mazurca pa2muerts es1obra dambient Galician peasant and magnifies narracions prosa.tb scribio breaks (the nice policeman crimn dl) and no one riting sab cmo d librs travel (to the alcarria). Miguel Delibes. is an author committed to the dignity of human beings and with nature. His work is extensive, well-constructed and unrelated to the current fashions and Nadal narrativas.Ganó prize with "The shadow of the cypress is long" Shortly after publishing "The Way", a work of realistic character in that field and the board infancia.Publica "Five Hours with Mario". A work of richness of expression that is a novel, a long monologue of a widow who watches only the body of her husband for 5 hours. We offer a social and moral dissection of the middle class in those years. "The Holy Innocents" is a work well built and rural environment, where the author complains about the marginalization suffered by the poor and the abuses to which undergo the "gentlemen". Trágica.Entre terminates his latest works are "The heretic", where it enters the story and the theme of tolerance and religious freedom. Torrente Ballester. It has a huge literary quality but slow to get reconocimiento.Publicó " Javier Mariño "and from then on was improving as autor.Publica" The joys and somas "which is a trilogy of realistic and set in Galicia in the years before the Civil War. It is characterized by well-delineated characters and personal conflicts, social and políticos.Publica "La Saga / Fuga de JB" which creates a mythical world with a synthesis of reality and fantasy, humor, irony, parody, imagination, timing jitter, language renovated ... Post Chronicle stunned the king, "whose action arises from the desire for a king to look at his wife naked .* 50.Realismo Decade of the social. Features: Realism more objective, ideological and committed.The novel has to have a role social.Plasma the reality of our country and to denounce the social situation of being charged humano.El collective protagonist importancia.El author and decreases its presence is limited to narrate the events with the intention testimonial.Las technical concerns and Formal decrease because it is more concerned by the testimony and the complaint social.Presencia of humor, irony or dialogues escepticismo.En played folk and colloquial speech. Autores: Ana Maria Matute: Make a strong dramatic force which mixes reality and fantasy. Many of his characters are trapped by the pain and the anger in a world where there is also love and tenderness. He wrote for example "small theater." Ferlosio RAFAEL SANCHEZ: He wrote "El Jarama", which is of great importance in the narrative of the twentieth century if technique and style. It has an objective approach and simply transcribe the dialogues of young men from a Sunday outing. This technique is called objectivism. He also received the Cervantes Prize. IGNACIO ALDECOA. Xcepcional great prose writer his novels abound narrador.En ls deres marginads The blood andthe brilliance Yde great sun set in Castilian lands YNL humilds ls dls MNDO pscadors.Relats corts, horse DPIC, ls pajars dbaden baden

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