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  • Drama.
    It begins as a cult of Dionysus, with a song which over time will introduce changes, emerging and drama.

Aristófenes (hit play): ordinary people, burlesque and colloquial language.
Stereotypes: greed, ambition, lies.

In the late sixteenth century theater is built. Italianate theater (like the Columbus Coliseum, Rex)

Species drama: Tragedy, comedy and tragi-comedy or drama (news)
Tragicomedy: ordinary people in tragic situations.
Anagnórosis can not miss: the moment of recognition.
download someone does something that conflicts
Vicissitudes: occurs after a anagnorosis and not always, when the target changes.

Internal structure: introduction (character, conflict, hambito) knot (development of conflict and climax), outcome (finding the climax)

External structure: acts, scenes and frames.
3 units (Greek): a main action, a single physical location, a solar cycle.

Drama dominated by a predominantly dialogical sequence. The works are written to be represented.

Dramatic text (paper) Parliaments (monologues) and didactalias (quotations)

Dramatic text (staging): author and text, room, stage director, music, makeup, actors, lighting, costumes, etc.

Theatre philosophical extenciales TMAs. Music. Scenery, scenery. More technical in character acting. Begin to appear female characters.

Lyric genre
It is the poetic form that expresses the feelings, imagination and thoughts of the author. This is what the poet feels in his inner world, inspired by his own emotion and also of others. In comes the lyrical poetry and poetry in prose poetry. The verse is often the most used expressive medium for poetry.
Called because formerly lyric poems were recited accompanied by a lyre (stringed musical instrument).
is an artistic expression of beauty through the floor. Art of poetry.
Balada: poetic composition divided into equal stanzas, which refer melancholy events, past, legends and traditional.
Couplet: a combination metric stanzas.
Ode: a lyric poem often quite long divided into stanzas.
Romance: composition of Spanish verse rhyming assonance in all the verses without rhyme pairs and odd.
Eclogue: poetic composition in which pastoral dialogue on their issues peacefully and things of country life.
Sonnet: a poem of 14 verses in 2 stanzas of 4 verses (quatrains) and 2 of 3 verses (triplets). The metro is the most widely used pentameter, metric verse of 11 syllables.
Song: composition in verse that is sung. Music that is sung this composition.

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