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Why do African immigrants want to Come to Spain?

Nowadays The economy among all countries all over the world is unbalanced. A little part Of them has the majority of the money while the other part has not even enough Food to survive. Because of this, people from the worst countries have to look For the way to survive.

This Presents a new challenge for the Spanish government who must aim to integrate, Both socially and culturally, these new immigrants.

That’s Why while the majority of Europeans come to Spain looking for paradise and a Better quality of life, others, such as immigrants from African come needing Either to find a job and escape from poverty, or to avoid political or Religious persecution in their country.

Unfortunately, However, in many cases this paradise becomes the struggle for survival, for Their daily bread, and must accept all kind of jobs where they have to work Very long hours, and therefore it is very difficult for them to interact an mix With local people.

To Sum up, the variety of races an different cultural values is now a reality in Europe.

In Conclusion se all in all, every single person has to be respected without Distinguishing his or her ethnicity, economic situation or religious beliefs.

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