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The kingdoms and territories of the catholic monarchs were inherited by their grandson Charles, born in Netherlands. CHARLES 1(1516-1556): Inherited from his grandparents territories in central and N.Europe.     PHILIP 2(1556-1598):Didn´t inherit his phater´s territories, nor he was made Holy Roman Emperor. Both monarchs consolidated the authoritarian monarchy, they adressed numerous internal conflicts and governed an empire, the empire help him to impose the hegemony across Europe.

Their rule was assisted by a well-organised public administration. This include royal secretaries, who studie important matters and give advice.
The organisation of the territory was conceived as an assciation states. In each territory, the monarch was represented by a viceroy.
  • The thirty years war(1648-1659):Began with a conflict in Germany between the catholic emperor, who defeded the unity of the Empire, and the protestant German princes, who sought greater autonomy. Spanish major enemies were:France, Sweden, Denmark, The united provinces and England. Spain and the emperor were defeated at ROCROI(1463) and signed the treaty of Westphalia(1648)
  • The Franco-Spanish war(1648-1659):France and Spain continued fighting up until the final years of the following decade.They been defeated at the Battle of the Dunes(1658), Spain signed the Treaty of the Pyrenees(1659)

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