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The concept of a trademark it meana any sign able to be representated graphically and used to distinguish the good and services of one company, from those other companies in the market, their function serves to distinguish the goods and services of one person from identical or similar goods or services from another person in the market place.

Trademarks may be classified inter alia, depending on whether they are: a) denominarive b) graphic or emblematic, or c) mixed or d) three-dimensional f) any combination of the above 

Acording to their function; they are products or services, derivatives or collectives, or warranty. 

Trademarks may be granted to both natural persons and legal entities of Spanish nationality or of others nationalities provided that such foreign persons or entities 

a) reside or have fixed and operative industrial or commercial establishment in Spain

B) benefit from the Protection of Industrial Property

C) wto

D) are nationals of Spain

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