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Dear Pepe,
W hat´s up? I missed being with you during the holdays this year!
Everything in London is so diferent from Spain that I don´t Knwo if I´ll ever
get wed to living here. I´am so glad that my father´s job at the spanish
Embassy will only last until June. Then we will come home, and you and
I can spend the summer on the beach. ( I hope you´ll spend your holiday
in Spain, as usual).
I´ve alread, wade some very nice friends, but don´t warry, no one could
ever replace you as my best friend! After school, I sometimes go to my
friend Alex´s house ( he is casually Spanish).
He enjoys listening to some music and watching the some clips that you
and I like.
Life is very different here. W ould you believe that we have to wear an
uniform to go to school? It isn´t cool! A blue trusers, a white shirt amd a
tie. Besides, there are nothing to do in the evening. All the shops close
by 4:30 pm and pubs are only open till 11p.M.
That´s all for now. I must start my homework for my French class tomorrow.
Please write soon and tell to me all the news.
I miss you, brother.

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