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DRY ROSE:the rosé wine is made by blending the grapes or by contact with the skins. The wine presents characteristics of while and red wine. This wine is made with cabernet sauvignon, syrah, pinot noir, grenache and other varieties.//The dry rosé has a color that goes from the coppery pale, coral to the red carmine. It's flavour is fruty such us banana, lemon, tangerine, pomegranate... And subtle aromas such us blackberries, cherries or strwberries. It can also present herbal aromas Withim the dry rose wines we find some as loire rose, tavel, provence rose,  bonded rose...
this tipe of wine can be paired with mediterranean, indian, morocan cuisine, chicken, rice, pasta...
Tempranillo: grapes give balanced juices that produce ruby like wines. The tempranillos variety is characteristic of spanish rioja wines.
Pinot noir: grapes are the classic grapes from bourgogne, france.
Cavernet sauvignon: is a type of grape characteristic of bordeaux in france and produces wines with an intense colour and fragant and flavourful berries.                                    
Riesling: riesling classic grapes originally come from germany and produce the best whites a floral bouquet.
Sauvignon blanc: two varieties. This type of grape produces white, wellow-like wines like sauternes.
Merlot: grapes are named after the old french term for blackbird, spanish mirlo, because the first grapes of the season are this bird's favourite meal. These birds also look like the black, dark blue berries of the merlot variety.
Muscatel: the spanish muscatel is a sweet widely known grape used as a fruit. When wines are produced with this variety, they are aromatic, fragant and fresh. They grow in the south of spanish.

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