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I think that adverttsing of iunk food 
shuldn´t be banned like the cigarrete 
advertising, because the cigarretes are
more dangerous than the junk food.
You can have ling cancer if you
smoke, if you lat junk food you
The junk food can be eat for circularer, 
and there isn´t any problem, but with the
cigarrete there is.
So, i think the cigarretes musn´t be in 
advertising because they´re so 
dangerous for health, so much more than
the junk food, because smoke kills.

Dear Inge,
Thank you very much for your email
 and invitation.Of course I want to go
 visit you in October! It will be a great
 pleasure since I have never been to Germany before....
I want to know a couple of things before
 I make my suitcase.
 What kind of clothes should I bring? .....
I'd also like to know what
 I could bring for your parents and you.
 Do you like Spanish food? Any preferences?...
I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.
All the best,


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