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-Marxism :
   -The most important thinkers were Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
   -It was based on 3 important characteristics to obtain an ideal society :
       --Class struggle : the proletariad would organise and fight against the                                        capitalist oppressor (the wealthy bougeoursie)
       --Dictatorship of the proletariat : proletariat would obtaine political                                                     power , control the economy and redistribute wealth
       --Communism : the marxist defended a communist society in wich                                            everyone would be equal
-Anarquism :
   -The most important thinker was Mikhail Bakunin
   -It was based on 3 characteristics to obtain an ideal society :
       --Individual freedom : people had to fight against any authority (the                                                      state) that limited their freedom
       --Direct action : people had to defend their interests through their                                own actions . For some anarchists , direct action included violence
       --Communes : society would be organised into Communes where all                                      decisions will be taken by popular assemblies

-Carlos IV became king of Spain (1788)
-Spain supportedd Napoleon in the war against Great Britain
-Spain signed the Traty of Fontaineblue with France (1807) :
   -This treaty gave French troups permission to pass throught Spain on                    their way to to attack Portugal (Portugal was allied with Great Britain)
-This French forces occupied Spain and sent Carlos IV and Fernando                      renounced their rights to the Spanish throne in favour of Napoleon
-Napoleon made his brother (Joseph Bonaparte) king of Spain (1808)

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