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Hello my name is Fausto and I will compare our Mexican culture with the culture of an Anglo-Saxon country, USA
Although Mexico and the United States share a border, there are many differences between the two cultures that define and celebrate the heritage of each country
First I will compare the Language: In the United States the most recognized language is American English as its official language, but in Mexico the most widely spoken language is Spanish.

Other aspect that is very important is the family. In the United States, Americans give preference to work, so much that they give preference to work first and then to family. In Mexico it is the opposite because In Mexico the family is very important, family is usual placed ahead of profession

In the U.S, there really is no such this as “traditional” American food, simply because America is considered to be the “melting pot” of many different heritages and cultures. In Mexico, the Mexican food is well known world-wide because of its distinct flavors and colors. Mexican food contains many delicious spices and herbs, and while most traditional dishes have originated in Mexico,

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