Third spanish republic

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The October Revolution was a turning point in the Republic and can be seen as de seeds of the later Civil War. Largo Caballero was the brains in the Socialists rebellion against the legal government: arms were brought, revolutionary councils were formed property was stolen and people were damaged, hurt or killed, so the army was called to put an end to the rebellion.

Radicals had to leave power in 1935 after some scandals. Alcalá-Zamora called for elections to be held in February 1936 were Lerroux suffered a huge political setback and the majority was won by Popular Front, a coalition of left republican parties.

Popular front. Descent into violence FEBRUARY 1936 – JULY 1936

From February to July the situation just got worse and worse in both the political arena and on the streets. 

In the right people gathered around José Antonio Primo de Rivera and his political party Falange Española which was involved in violent actions.

In the left “The Spanish Lenin”, Largo Caballero, drew apart from orthodox Socialists and following the Soviet example wanted revolution to start.

Bipolarization was clear, rebellion was the current topic mainly by a group of army officers and the murder of the leader of the National Front José Calvo Sotelo was the spark that ignited the fire, The Civil War was happening.

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