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3 Types Natural Selection: Stabilising (Edges shaded), intermediate favoured, intermediate increases in pop, extremes decrease.

Directional (One side shaded), one extreme genotype favoured, that genotype increases in pop, other 2 genotypes decrease 
Disruptive: (Middle shaded), both extremes favoured,  both extremes increase, intermediate decreases, lead to speciation
Transcription: RNA (A-U, G-C) DNA (A-T, C-G)
Genetic Drift: Random change in allele freq. Due to chance.
Bottleneck: Severe reduction in pop. Size, allele freq. Now based on surviving alleles.
Species: group of pop. Through which genes can flow and whose offspring have fitness equal to parents.
Speciation: Process by which new species formed, occurs when gene flow ceased. (Allopatric speciation = geo. Seperated) (Sympatric = same area as parents) (Parapatric = partially separated)

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