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be-was/were begin-began break-broke bring-brought build-built burn-burnt buy-bought can-could catch-caught choose-chose come-came cost-cost cut-cut do-did dream-dreamt drink-drank drive-drove eat-ate fall-fell feel-felt fight-fought fly-flew forget-forgot get-got give-gave go-went have-had hear-heard know-knew learn-learnt leave-left lose-lost make-made must-had to pay-paid put-put read-read run-ran say-said see-saw show-showed sing-sang sleep-slept speak-spoke spend-spent take-took teach-taught tell-told think-thought understand-understood win-won write-wrote

Brook: arroyo Meadow: prado Overcast: completamente nublado Valley: valle Cave: cueva Plains: llanuras Mountains: montaña Hill: colina Beach: playa Forest: bosque Contrysides: campo Cliff: acantilados Desert: desierto Falls: cataratas Sky: cielo Lagoon: laguna Lake: lago Sea: mar Ocean: océano River: río

WERE  es para PLURAL                      WAS es para SINGULAR

Past simple: añade ed

Run: running  Stop: stopping  Plan: planning  Begin: beginning

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