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1789-summoning of the Estate General

census suffrage 1791- National Asembly (1 constitution: constitutional monarchy).
Male universal suffrage 1792- First republic (Jacobins)
1795- Republic (reaction of the Girondins)
1799- coup d`etat (consulate) /  Napoleon (consul)
1804-Napoleon crowned himself Emperor of France.

Ideas that reffect that Napoleon was authoritarian, Absolutist: strong governament, he concentrated power on his own person, many people considered him to be a tyrant.
Ideas that reffect thet he was in favour of revolutionary ideas: He applied some revolutionary ideas, liberal ideas, he was considered to be a product of French Revolution.

The restoration ( this system collapsed as it was unable to prevent the growth of liberalism and nationalist): 1814- Napoleon was defeated.  1814-15 - the victors >Prussia + great Britain + Austria met at the congress of Viena  > They signed of Treaty: The Holy alliance. 
MAIN GOALS: to restore monarchic absolutism.
To remoded the map of Europe: The french empire was divided and France came back to the borders it had in 1792
They agreed to help each other in the case a liberal revolution started in any European country.

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