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POLITICAL RIVALRY ALLIANCES IN EUROPE the desire for territory was of course the desire for power africa was divided up after 1885 PATROTISM: people were deeply patriotic. They wanted their own country to be the best and sucecessful. THE ARMS RACE: germany and russia were building up massive armies.Germany and britain were building up lots of new warships. WAR PLANS: war was accepted as a way for countries to get what the wanted.Some wanted a war.Others say it was inevitable.This caused a dangerous climate war. RIVAL EMPIRE: each european power had an overseas empire. Britain had the biggest.Germany wanted. ALLIANCES: countries made alliances with each other.They promised to protect each other in the event of an atttack by an aggresor. THE KAISER: form 1870 germany had been growing stronger Germany's rivals were suspicious of their ruler, the kaiser(wilhelm II) they thought he wanted to make germany even stronger but any cost

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