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The Spanish king Ferdinand VII died in 1833. He left the throne to his daughter, But a previous law prevented women from becoming monarchs…



They demanded the coronation of Don Carlos Ferdinand’s brother.

They demanded the coronation of Isabella II, Ferdinand’s daughter.

They were supported by the absolutist: the peasants, a part of the Nobility and the middle and low clergy.

They were supported by liberals: the citizens, the high nobility, the High clergy, the administration and all the army.

These people were afraid that with the new queen, the Ancien Regime And their privileges would disappear.

These people were in favour of a more liberal system.

The majority of the Basques supported the carlist ideas because they Were frightened that with the liberal laws (the same law for everyone, Everywhere) the foruak would disappear.

Consequences of these demands

-A Civil War took place between 1833-39 And 1873-76. Both wars ended in liberal victories.

-In 1841, Navarre  ceased to be a kingdom and was turned into A province

-Alfonso XII returned as king of Spain

-As a punishment for supporting the Carlists in 1876, Canovas del Castillo wrote a law abolishing the foral System. This time, the entire foral system of Araba, Biscay And Gipuzkoa was Abolished: The customs were moved to the cortes, the Pase Foral and the law Of military exemption desapeared , a provisional kontzertu ekonomikoa was Established,…

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