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13.If a hotel fails the inspection in two categories, it goes a six month trial, at the end of which there is a second inspection. 14.The French hotel industry is facing a nationwide problem of high staff turnover and a shortage of skilled employees. 1.After deciding that the current booking system was inefficient, a meeting was called to discuss possible improvements 2.May I ask you, what time the next train to Berlin leaves? 3.Employees have remained loyal to the company because they feel like they are part  of one big happy family.4.I am sorry but it is imposible to get throug to that number at the moment. Could you get back/try again later.5.Always make sure that answer all calls quickly. Never let the phone ring more than five times as that is unacceptable.6.Take notes when there is a message for a colleague or when names and numbers are given 7.Front-line staff should be encourage to build strong relationships with customers so that the customers feel free to share how they really feel about the service.8.Sometimes talking to someone face to face is essential in helping you decide.9.I was trying to be efficient and competent but the guest’s feedback form said my behaviour was not appropriate because I was too impersonal.10.Your call is very important to us, so please, leave a message and we’ll get back to you as soom as possible.11.We had to (queue) wait outside with no air conditioning for 40 minutes. 12.The only good thing was the courteous manner in which the staff patiently listened to our complaints. I hope in future the quality of your food is able to match the quality of your service.1.How long had he worked in San Francisco before coming to Memphis? 2.Normally I wear earplugs to sleep at night but this time I had forgotten to pack them. 3.The only room left was the presidential suite because the person who had booked it had cancelled the reservation at the last minute. 4.While the days of travelling on a shoestring are largely over, business travelers remain cautious. 5.A rise in interest rates could weaken our potential for further investment. 6.Business is good at the moment but we foresee problems in the near future. 7.What was the weather like when he left? Quite cold. It was/ there was only four degree when I left home. 8.I will pick him up in a couple of hours and we will go at do dinner. 9.I am afraid that I must leave otherwise I will lose my flight.10.How long have you been going this job? For about fifteen years. You could let me have a break.

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