Three stages of civilization greece

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Rustow also suggests that maybe it’s the other way around meaning that modernization can only take place as a result of democracy. Modernization as a result not the cause of democracy. 

He establishes 3 stages of this transition to democracy: 
1. Preparatory phase: conflict > polarization. It’s the longest phase and sometimes the use of violence is needed. Sometimes countries don't go further than this stage if the conflict is too big (Egypt is an example: they didn’t go further because political parties didn’t reach a consensus) 

2. Decision phase: here we institutionalize some main aspects of democracy (free elections, existence of different political parties). It’s based in trust on the population. 

3. Habituation phase: democracy is a learning and long process

If the model works and is useful it should help us define what countries will become a democracy but we can’t assume one step will come after the other, some established democracies have failed. This article was so influential that four years after it was published 3 transitions took place: Portugal, Greece and Spain.

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