What are the two stages of development of the Greek Civilization

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BAROQUE. (1600-1750) Music was at the service of the great European monarchies, aristocracy and the Church as a manifestation of their power. Castrati and instrumentalists became virtuosos dominating the technics. VOCAL music- Birth of the opera: Camerata Fiorentina created a show based on Greek theatre (combination of poetry, music and dance). Actors and actresses sing their lines instead of speaking them. - Vocal parts: arias (expressive melodies), recitatives (declaimed text) & choirs. - Instrumental parts: overture, interludes & ballets. Religious music (similar to the opera without stage performance): cantata, oratorio & passion. INSTRUMENTAL music-Suite: group of dances. Concerto grosso (concertino vs tutti) & solo concerto (soloist vs tutti) Instrum:Development of instrumental music: luthiers (Stradivarius). Birth of the orchestra.Use of the basso continuo (melody + accompaniment) Compo: J. S. Bach (everything except operas) J. F. Haendel: oratorio The Messiah Claudio Monteverdi: opera Orfeo Antonio Vivaldi: violin concerto The Four Seasons 

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