Three stages of greek civilization

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This style originated from the small Italian states and was know as the Rebirth because it represented a recovery of classical culture.

Causes:the arrival of Greek scholar in Italy fleeing from Constantinople and bringing classical works. The presence of Roma’s artefactos and other archeological remains in Italy.
Stages:trecento14: first renaissance elements.The first artist giotto. Quattrocento15: took place in Florence. The most important architects were Brunelleschi and Alberti. Ghiberti and Donatello (sculptors) and Masaccio, Fran Angelico and Botticelli(painters). Cinqyecento16: Rome became the leading artistic centre. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo and Raphael belongs to this phase. Mannerism: started in 1530 in Italy. Harmony and proportion were abandoned.

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