Which of the following statements is correct concerning the savannah climate?

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EUROPE, relief: alps laupathens breat european plain laucaso raul mountains, water: danube volga don rhine sena dnieper, climate: continental polar mediterranea oceanic high mountain, landscapes: woodland prairies decidious forest taiga steppes, fauna: eagles birds fox bears wildpig wolf rabbit

ASIA; relief, himalaya plateau of tibet mount everest goby desert siberian plateau, water: yenisey mekong indus yellow river lena, climate: chino continental high mountain tropic equatorial, landscapes: taiga decidious forest rainforest savannah tundra,, fauna: panda tiger bears elephant rainder

AFICA,, relief: atlas mountains kilimanjaro rift valley sahara drakensberg, water: nile niger conngo orange lake chad zamberi victoria, climate: mediterranean desert equatorial tropical wat and dry, landscapes: palm strees savannah rainforest woodland tropical forest, fauna: braff elephant cocodrile lion

AMERICA, relief: apalachian mountain andes rocky mountain sierra madre mount aconcagua, water: missipi amazon parana orenoco misouri breat lakes, climate: continental high mountainns chino equatorial tropical, landscapes: taiga tundra savannah rainforest tropical forest,fauna: llamas eagles puma beard caiman elix

OCEANIA, relief: great desert rgeat drivining range, water: murray darleng, climate: desert chino oceanic mediterranean, landscapes: decidious forest woodland oases cactus, fauna: kanguroo koala tasmania devil

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