Which of the following statements is true?,

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This course of 1st BACH has been more difficult Than I expected. Not sure if it for the new LOMCE, or because I did not know it would be so , but it has greatly increased the difficulty.

Regarding my results, I think I'll pass all, but my only question I have is this, english, so Virgilio, I trust you ...Jejeje

It is true that my notes are worse, but I expected that.

I think my effort into my home has been great, and I Learned organize myself well. But I do not have behaved in class as I should , Because I get distracted facilemente.

Whatever happens with my notes, I'm happy because now comes The summer and I really want.

about (sobre)
after (después)
as (como)
at (en, a)
before (antes)

by (cerca, por)

for (durante, para, por)
from (desde)
in (en)
into (dentro)
of (de)

on (encima, en)
over (sobre)
since (desde)
to (hacia, para)
with (con)
without (sin)

Formas verbales 

Present simple- I go

Present continuous- I am going 

Past simple- I went

Past continuous-I was going

Present perfect- I have gone

Present perfect continuous- I have been going

Past perfect- I had gone 

Past perfect continuous- I had been going

Future- I will go

Future continuous- I will be going

Future perfect- I will have gone

Future perfect continuous- I will have been going

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