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My childhood friend Hugo, he had just left him with his ex-couple who had damage him. After he was single, I spent a lot of time with him to help him move on and live through it the break up.

After a few weeks staying with him, we got to know each other better and I began to fall in love with him. On Valentine's Day a relative entered in my room and gave me a letter from the mailbox. When I saw the name of Hugo I was surprised, he wrote me a letter asking me to date him. I stayed still for a while and since I didn't believe what I read then, I told him to stay.

After talking for a while, he told me that the letter was true. Before telling him that I also felt something for him, I told him that we had got a lot  in common and that the relationship could flow, so we started dating.

The relationship didn´t length, because after a week he told me that it was a bet with a friend, and I very angry I left.

When I heard that ACDC was coming to my town I immediately bought two tickets without doubting for me and for my close friend. I was so excited about the concert that I couldn´t sleep the night before.

Finally the day arrived, it was a beautiful and sunny saturday afternoon. We were heading to the place where the concert would take place and we decided to take a coffee and a piece of cake before going to the concert. Everything was delicious and surprisingly it was really cheap!

As soon as we entered the concert hall we knew that it would an incredible evening. And it turned out that we were right! The atmosphere was ideal and the special effects were absolutely great! I felt so happy.

But then in just a second everything changed we were going down the stairs, when my friend sudden! Terrifying cause we all thought that she was seriously  injured. Finally it was only a sprained ankle.... All in all I think it was a night I will never forget.

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