Which of the following statements is true?,

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. Direct Speech-Reported speech       now - then

 i - he/she                                       today - that day

 you - I/she/he/we/they                   tomorrow - the next day/the following day

 we - they                                        yesterday - the day before/the previous day 

 me - him/her                                 last year - the year before/the previous year.

 you - me/him/her/us/them            five years ago - five years before.

 us - them                                      next week - the next week/the following week.

 my - his/her

 your - my/his/her/our/their

 our - their

-Reported questions with IF

-the order is the sam with affirmative statements.

-we use to report yes/no questions

-the same wat to change the tenses

-THAT is never used.

"did you enjoy the party?"

He asked me if I had enjoyed the party.

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